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On 1 Nov 2006, at 08:33, Charlie Clark wrote:
Right now I believe Plone is the only customer for 2.1, but if anyone else has an objection, please speak up today.

I have no problems will deprecating code and also aligning CMF with particular Zope versions. It might, however, be useful to note if any existing applications will be broken by the change. Oh, and it might be nice for someone on the Zope release team to bring out Windows versions of 2.9.5 and 2.10.0 for those who might need to try them in advance.

I think trying to come up with a list of applications that "will break" is utopian. We're not talking "locked-down walled garden" here where the vendor has control over what the customer runs. We cannot anticipate what will break, apart from very high-level (and thus not all that helpful) statements like "sorry, CMF 1.3 probably won't run on Zope 2.10". The possible software combinations out there are limitless.

As with any Zope upgrade (or Zope-related software) upgrade, users will have to test for their specific situation. Create a test instance with the new software, copy the database across, and see what breaks. Due to the variability in peoples' setup and the software they run that is the only sane advice to give.

As far as that Windows installer goes, that dicussion belongs on zope- dev or zope@zope.org, where you will get the standard answer: "Sorry, no one has stepped up to do this yet, would you like to volunteer?".


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