CMF 2.0 ships with some view based forms. They use their own framework and are explicitly labeled as experimental.

CMF 2.1 depends on Zope 2.10, so zope.formlib is now available. I propose to replace the view based forms using zope.formlib.

This is the approach I propose:

The interfaces of classic CMF content objects are not suitable for zope.formlib:

- Text fields are encoded strings while zope.formlib expects unicode.

- Datetime fields are Zope DateTime objects while zope.formlib expects generic datetime objects.

- Tuples or lists are used for unordered collections while zope.formlib expects Set fields.

- Different setter and getter methods are used while zope.formlib expects properties.

I propose to add suitable schemas in the browser packages and to use adapters to map the form schemas to the existing content interfaces.

I have a ProxyFieldProperty class (similar to zope.schema's FieldProperty class) that does the necessary mapping. This is how it is used for a CMFCalendar Event::

  class EventSchemaAdapter(SchemaAdapterBase):

      """Adapter for IMutableEvent.


      title = ProxyFieldProperty(IEventSchema['title'],
                                 'Title', 'setTitle')
      contact_name = ProxyFieldProperty(IEventSchema['contact_name'])
      location = ProxyFieldProperty(IEventSchema['location'])
      contact_email = ProxyFieldProperty(IEventSchema['contact_email'])
      categories = ProxyFieldProperty(IEventSchema['categories'],
                                      'Subject', 'setSubject')
      contact_phone = ProxyFieldProperty(IEventSchema['contact_phone'])
      event_url = ProxyFieldProperty(IEventSchema['event_url'])
      start_date = ProxyFieldProperty(IEventSchema['start_date'],
                                      'start', 'setStartDate')
      stop_date = ProxyFieldProperty(IEventSchema['stop_date'],
                                     'end', 'setEndDate')
      description = ProxyFieldProperty(IEventSchema['description'],
                                       'Description', 'setDescription')

Maybe my ProxyFieldProperty implementation does too much magic at the moment. I expect it has to evolve over time, adding a way to control the mapping better.

If we have that adapter in place we can use zope.formlib in the generic way::

  class EventEditView(ContentEditFormBase):

      """Edit view for IMutableEvent.

      form_fields = form.FormFields(IEventSchema)

Some CMF specific base classes are needed for this. I propose to add them in CMFDefault.formlib.

I have working code for IMutableEvent, IMutableFavorite and IMutableLink. I can't promise to convert the other forms.

Any feedback is welcome.



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