yuppie wrote:
Since CMF 2.0 I did a lot of test refactoring, changing the ways CMF tests are set up. Goal was to use more generic and up to date testing patterns, making it easier to write new tests.

Here is an overview what changed:


All tests that depend on a running Zope application use now ZopeTestCase's ZopeLite app. It is not compatible with Zope2.app(), so don't use Zope2.app() anymore. ZopeLite doesn't start up Products by default, you have to specify required Products explicitly using ZopeTestCase.installProduct(). Not each Product has to be initialized that way. Don't initialize Five that way - ZCML is set up differently.


ZCML is set up using test layers. Their setUp() and tearDown() methods are only run once for all tests in the layer.


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