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ZCML is set up using test layers. Their setUp() and tearDown() methods are only run once for all tests in the layer.

Maybe of interest, I've attached the layers file I use when testing Zope 2 apps. It "does the right thing" w.r.t. having a DemoStorage for each layer, letting you safely commit transactions containing layer setup and then using the using transaction.begin()/transaction.abort() dance in the tests themselves.

Is this code useful? Should I look to check it in to the core anywhere?

For functional tests that depend on a complete CMF site, you can use the FunctionalLayers defined in the testing modules. They have to be used with ZopeTestCase's FunctionalTestCase

Hmmm, which version of Zope did this arrive in?

Finally, a question of my own, how do you use layers with doctests?



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import Globals
import logging
import transaction
import Zope2

from AccessControl.SecurityManagement import newSecurityManager
from AccessControl.SecurityManagement import noSecurityManager
# this import, rather evilly, causes Zope2.bobo_application and Zope2.DB
# to come into existence :-(
from Testing.ZopeTestCase import ZopeLite
from Testing.ZopeTestCase.utils import makerequest
from ZODB import DB
from ZODB.DemoStorage import DemoStorage

state = [Zope2.DB]

def setChickens(db):
    # Zope 2 chickens
    Globals.BobobaseName = db.getName()
    Globals.DB = db
    Zope2.DB = db
    ZopeLite.DB = db
    junk_db, name, version_support = Zope2.bobo_application._stuff
    Zope2.bobo_application._stuff = db, name, version_support
def addDB():
    global state
    previous = state[-1]
    storage = DemoStorage(base=previous._storage)    
    db = DB(storage)
    # cluck
    db.classFactory = previous.classFactory
    # cluck cluck
def removeDB():
    global state
    db = state.pop()
    # un-cluck

class Layer1:

    def setUp(cls):
        # etc
        # commit changes
    def tearDown(cls):
        # etc

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