Hi Alec!

Alec Mitchell wrote:
So I've recently run into a bit of a problem involving the extension
profiles and the toolset registry.  The issue is that if I install an
extension profile that overrides one of the tools from the base
profile, then switch back to the base profile (but not run any steps),
then switch to another extension profile that provides a toolset step
(which has no mention of the tool overridden in the first extension
profile), the tool from the base profile will replace the tool from
the first extension profile, even though the base profile was never
re-installed and the second extension profile makes no mention of this

I personally just ignored the toolset registry because I never needed it and it never did get in my way.

The issue you describe is annoying. Instead of working on a fix I'd prefer to rip the toolset registry out. But maybe Tres knows why the toolset registry exists and why it is still useful.



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