Tres Seaver wrote:

Alec Mitchell wrote:

The above is my primary concern (my only concern really).  Would it be
acceptable to make this change?  If we remove this call, the only time
the toolset registry is changed is when a toolset import step is run,
which seems very sensible to me at least.

+1 for removing the _updateToolsetRegistry call. AFAICS this would not break anything.

Yup -- changing the "baseline" is pretty rare.  I had a prototype at one
point of a Properties form which showed available extensions and allowed
them to be applied without changing the "current" profile, but lost it
in a shuffle.  It should work pretty much the way the 'CMF Site' factory
does now, I think.

AFAICT there are two reasons to make extension profiles the active profile:

1.) It allows to run selected steps from the extension profile.

2.) It allows to register new handlers without applying the profile.

Feature 1.) might not be necessary and an UI as proposed would be much easier to use.

But feature 2.) supports an important use case: Using new setup handlers for creating a snapshot of old sites. If we no longer allow to make extension profiles the active profile, we need a different solution. Either each product that provides additional setup handlers has to provide a small profile that just registers the handlers. Or we use a global step registry instead of using profiles for registering steps. I'd prefer the latter.



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