Am 22.11.2006 um 17:20 schrieb Doyon, Jean-Francois:

In that case, simply using something like:

<div tal:replace="structure here/mydoc" />

Should do it? That will nest the default view of the document though, which risks giving out a main_template inside a main_template. The trick will revolve around which view you want ... If any, or just the raw data.

You could create a ZPT specifically for nesting, and use it for embedding, using macros, or access the data directly via the CookedBody method or something like that? (You'll have to dead the CMFDocument code to get the details though).

I'm working with a CMF document so using structure here/mydoc does cause exactly the problems you describe. CookedBody or simpley "text" also cause problems as the document has non-ascii. I guess I'll have to look at how the news box actually works.

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