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Charlie Clark schrieb:
This is just a quick one: how do I include documents within another document? ie. say I have local_pt which is going has different boxed with text from other documents. I assume I have to call a method on the document to render it correctly but haven't found the right one yet. <div tal:content="here/MyDocument/text"></div> nearly works but obviously isn't quite right. I thought I'd seen a "render" method somewhere but that doesn't seem to be it either.

Look for 'CookedBody' aka

<div tal:content="structure here/MyDocument/CookedBody"></div>

might be what you are after.

Not quite. I need the decoded version of CookedBody
so <div tal:content="structure python: context.Manifesto.CookedBody ().decode('utf-8')"> works nicely.

Here I am busy deconstructing all your lovely work! ;-)


PS: DocfinderTab is your friend ;-)

Is that Dieter Maurer's Product?

PPS: even when you are not using Plone it might help
to have it up somewhere locally and use Clouseau for
TTW object introspection (you have basically a 'zopectl debug'
session in your browser - really convenient to explore things)

I've got Plone somewhere on this machine but on a different Instance. Can I run Clouseau simply on the CMF? I can give it a go.

Thanks for the tips.

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