Am 22.11.2006 um 17:37 schrieb Tres Seaver:

The following two commands create the absolute minimum product which
makes filesystem skins availalbe.  Run this from your INSTANCE_HOME:

$ mkdir -p Products/myproduct/skins/myproduct
$ cat > Products/myproduct/ <<EOT
from Products.CMFCore.DirectoryView import registerDirectory
registerDirectory('skins', globals())

You would then begin putting templates, scripts, etc. into the
'skins/myproduct' directory of the product, e.g.:

$ cat > Products/myproduct/skins/myproduct/ << EOT
## Script (Python) "some_script"
return 'Kilroy was here!'

Next, register that skin directory in your site's skins tool, by adding
a "Filesystem Directory View" using the registered path.  Finally, add
the 'myproduct' skins dir to the search path for your skin on the skins
tool's "Properties" tab.

That is the business!

One slight addition to make it idiot-proof (or at least Charlie- proof!) The Filesystem Directory View should be added in the sites "skins" folders.

This all begs the question that if, as Jens suggests, file system is the way to go, surely this process can be automated when creating a portal?

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