Am 24.11.2006 um 16:00 schrieb Jens Vagelpohl:

This all begs the question that if, as Jens suggests, file system is the way to go, surely this process can be automated when creating a portal?

Why? Not everyone who creates a portal wants to develop filesystem products.

I was extrpolating from your previous post about the correct way to do customisation:

"""Or, and this is the more complicated but "right" way to do it, you create a filesystem product with a filesystem skin folders and maintain your new main_template on the file system."""

By the way, *any* code that has unexpected consequences (like "creating a portal in the ZODB will create stuff on the file system") is insidious and broken by design.

Agreed but if the consequences are explicit and not unexpected? If customisation through file system is indeed the right way then I don't see why this would be unexpected.

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