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On 24 Nov 2006, at 16:22, Charlie Clark wrote:
I was extrpolating from your previous post about the correct way to do customisation:

"""Or, and this is the more complicated but "right" way to do it, you create a filesystem product with a filesystem skin folders and maintain your new main_template on the file system."""

It is true that the better way to store your customizations is in a filesystem skin. However, actions in the ZODB should *not* write back to the sile system. Granted, there are products that are made for that specific purpose (LocalFS etc), but allowing filesystem writes through the ZODB is a big security hole.

I'm in total agreement with you regarding those dangers. This is also a presumably just a small part of the CMF work but it's nice to see this movement towards file system development (of code) and Tres' tip make it extremely easy for customisation to be done in the file system.

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