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Roché Compaan wrote:
> On Sun, 2006-11-26 at 09:45 +0200, Roché Compaan wrote:
>> Hi there
>> I'm trying to convert a CustomizationPolicy to a GenericSetup extension
>> profile for one of our products. I've got it working mostly except for
>> importing the site structure. One class fails to adapt to
>> IFileSystemImporter:
>>   Module Products.CMFCore.exportimport.content, line 44, in
>> importSiteStructure
>>   Module Products.CMFCore.exportimport.content, line 183, in import_
>>   Module zope.interface.interface, line 682, in __call__
>> TypeError: ('Could not adapt', <ClientFolder at /bika3/clients>,
>> <InterfaceClass Products.GenericSetup.interfaces.IFilesystemImporter>)
>> The "ClientFolder" subclasses BrowserDefaultMixin, UniqueObject and
>> BaseBTreeFolder. I looked at other CMF classes and zcml and couldn't
>> find anything special that makes them adaptable to IFilesystemImporter.
>> The other odd thing is if I create the class in the ZMI programmatically
>> the export doesn't fail. I would have expected it to fail since the same
>> adapter is used on export.
>> What must I do to get this class to import? Any help would be greatly
>> appreciated.
> Looks like ATContentTypes have StructureFolderWalkingAdapter registered
> as an adapter, where bases classes from the Archetypes package doesn't.
> Sorry for the noise.

Don't apologize -- debugging that kind of thing is hard work, and can be
hard to see.  Thanks for letting us know where to look when *we* stumble
over the same problem a month from now.

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