Tres Seaver wrote:

Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
On 27 Nov 2006, at 11:53, yuppie wrote:
Currently GenericSetup 1.2 is the only version with a maintenance branch. CMF-1.6.1-final was tagged *after* GenericSetup 1.1, so an additional 1.1 maintenance branch would not help us. Therefore using GenericSetup 1.2 in CMF 1.6 might be the best solution.

But CMF 1.6.0 was released before 1.1, even::

 $ svn propget svn:externals $ZSVN/CMF/tags/1.6.0
 GenericSetup svn://svn.zope.org/repos/main/GenericSetup/tags/1.1-beta

We shouldn't move the 1.6 release line to a newer GenericSetup release,
at least without a really good reason.

I don't remember who made that decision and why, but CMF 1.6.1 and 1.6.2 were released with a newer version. I don't think we can revert that decision for CMF 1.6.3.

I think we should be *trying* to keep the CMF pointed at released
versions of GS, and should definitely delay making CMF releases until we
can tie them to a tagged release of GS.  Dependencies which are released
separately need to be managed with more care.

I'm fine with requiring tagged GS releases for CMF *releases*. But sometimes it is useful to link unreleased CMF branches to unreleased GenericSetup versions. This helps to avoid problems caused by stitching in new versions right before a release.



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