Hi Robert!

robert rottermann wrote:
I would like (for a long time actually) understand the
ActionInfo set of tools and classes.

is there some doku somewhere.

None I'm aware of. Did you have a look at the interfaces?

'ActionInfo' was implemented before we started using adapters in Zope 2, but it adapts IAction objects (or oldstyle action dicts), providing IActionInfo. I guess today we would implement 'ActionInfo' as multi-adapter. 'ActionInfo' objects are the non-persistent objects returned by listFilteredActionsFor(), listActionInfos() and getActionInfo().

'Action' and 'ActionInformation' are two different implementations of IAction. The CMF 2.0 ActionsTool uses 'Action' objects, the TypeInfos still use the old 'ActionInformation' objects. 'Action' objects are the persistent configuration objects.

There is also the FiveActionsTool that creates 'ActionInformation' objects from ZCML settings and DCWorkflow that creates action dicts from Transitions.



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