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On 17 Dec 2006, at 18:52, Dieter Maurer wrote:
The description indicates in what direction the CPM should get fixed:

  * If the response already provides cache control, the CPM should
    not override it, as it is likely that the specific information
    available to the response generating process is more trustworthy
    then the general CPM policies.

    This is arguable, especially as it changes the current behaviour.
Maybe, it should be controlled by an additional configuration option.

I don't know if it is possible to have any sane policy about "what to do if the response already has caching headers". First of all, when should this exception policy trigger? Which headers should tell the CPM that someone else already decided on caching? Secondly, what is the behavior supposed to be? "Do nothing"? "DWIM"? This obviously needs exact specifications and use cases.

  * The CPM (and Zope's HTTP Cache Manager) must set cache headers
    only based on the object that generated the (complete) response
    entity and not based on other objects called during the request
    (and probably only responsible for part of the entity).

As mentioned in my reply to your collector issue, there are fixes on the CMF trunk already and you should look at those to see if they fix your problem.


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