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I'm just getting started with GenericSetup, and I feel like I'm missing something simple. Hope you can help :)

My goal is to get some default content exported as XML so I can use it as part of the GS profile for my new site.

In my experimenting:
I have a stock Plone site, nothing special. I make a test folder and test page in it. I make the Plone Profile active and export. In that export, I don't get any of the content I've created TTW. I'm walking through it in a debugger to try to see what happens where. Any advice on getting content exported would be appreciated. I've been reading the docs that are excellent in explaining how to set up a profile and use GS, but nothing along the lines of getting the content OUT of a site.

GenericSetup's content import/export works well w/ default CMF content, but AFAIK it does not yet fully support AT-based content. AT has the Marshall product, which provides infrastructure for (de)serializing AT content into XML; it would be nice to write some content im/export adapters that use Marshall, but i haven't heard of anyone who's done that yet.

There is at least XMLForest:




which might land at least in Plone one day


ah, yes, sorry. i meant that nobody had yet wired anything up to work with GenericSetup. thanks for clarifying.


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