Hi guys,

Am I right in thinking that DCWorkflow does not send any Zope 3 events? I'm not terribly familiar with that code, but some grepping suggests so.

Do you agree this would be useful? (I've got a pretty strong need for it for Plone 3, i.e. CMF 2.1 - I'm sure we can work around it in Plone, but I'd rather do it properly)

From what I can tell, something like this would work:

from zope.component.interfaces import IObjectEvent
from zope.schema import TextLine

class IWorkflowEvent(IObjectEvent):
    """A workflow related event

wf_name = TextLine(title=u"The name of the workflow this event is part of")

    transition = TextLine(title=u"The name of the transition taking place")

state_before = TextLine(title=u"The object's state before the transition")

state_after = TextLine(title=u"The object's state after the transition")

class IBeforeTransitionEvent(IWorkflowEvent):
    """A transition is about to take place

class IAfterTransitionEvent(IWorkflowEvent):
    """A transition has just taken place


from zope.component import ObjectEvent
from interfaces import IBeforeTransitionEvent, IAfterTransitionEvent

class WorkflowEvent(ObjectEvent):

def __init__(self, object, wf_name, transition, state_before, state_after):
        self.object = object
        self.wf_name = wf_name
        self.transition = transition
        self.state_before = state_before
        self.state_after = state_after

class BeforeTransitionEvent(WorkflowEvent):

class AfterTransitionEvent(WorkflowEvent):


I'm not quite sure where the best place to execute the event is. One option may be DCWorkflow/DCWorkflow.py, in notifyBefore() and notifySuccess(). Here, though, I get a bit confused about how to construct the wf_name and state_before/state_after parameters. I guess they're not always needed, but they seem like they'd be useful to most event handlers.

Would appreciate some suggestions or help to get this in, if you agree it's a good idea (note, I don't have commit privs to CMF at this point).


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