On 12/27/06, Martin Aspeli <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
Right - that was the question I was asking. *Is* this an event that's
useful outside the framework?

I believe so. For example, a subscriber that wants to know if an
action has succeeded, no matter where/when, so it can purge an
external cache (hint, hint) will want to subscribe to
'IWorkflowActionSuccess', not to I{Before,After}TransitionEvent.

It wants to know if the action succeded, not execute something
before/after the action happens.

It also wants to fire only when the action succeeds, not when an
exception is raised.

Okay. I still think (and I think we agree) that such an event
fundamentally has a different type of "audience" than the before/after
transition events in DCWorkflow (which use DCWorkflow-specific
information that's generally useful in CMFCore, Plone and elsewhere). I
won't try to do this refactoring in the patch I'm proposing, but of
course it could be done later.

The more I think about it, the more I wish you do it as soon as
possible. It wouldn't take you long, since you have it all in your
head by now.

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