Tres Seaver wrote:

My first patch (btw, anyone up for merging it?) was to DCWorkflow.

I think I'll be able to review and merge it this week.

Thanks Tres!

I could make another one to WorkflowTool, I guess, if you can suggest where and what payload it needs (it's hardly difficult to fire an event). We could fire from _invokeWithNotification() at just before (or after) notifyBefore(), notifyException() and notifySuccess(), passing the same parameters + 'w' (the workflow definition) as the first parameter.

I'd still keep them as separate patches that could be reviewed/merged separately.

That's fine, although they might end up getting merged at the "same
time" if you get the second patch in before I get to reviewing the first.

All right, I'll see what I can do. I have about five things going on at the same time at the moment, so I can't make strong promises, but if I find an hour or two it should be fine.


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