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Hi all,

Originally posted this on zope@zope.org, and was pointed in this direction instead.
Hopefully somebody can help with what follows...

When I try to run "Update security settings" in the portal_workflow
tool, my zope process gradually swallows up all the cpu, seems to still
be running fine, but then after a couple of hours, swallows up all the
memory, the load avg on the server exceeds 4 and makes it pretty well

Updating those settings will cause all objects affected by that particular workflow to be reindexed, which means they will all be loaded into memory. This can lead to memory exhaustion and swapping.

That's the generic answer without having any details about your particular setup.


Thanks for your generic answer. What details about my setup might help in figureing out how I could successfully update security without my server grinding to a halt.
Zope 2.9.5, Python 2.4.4, Plone 2.5.1
4GB of physical memory
4GB of swap
2 Duo Core processors

I have about 35,000 objects in the ZODB, but I'm sure this doesn't come close to the total amount of memory.

We have a ZEO server and client on the same machine.

Any ideas as to how I can resolve this would be very much appreciated.
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