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Martin Aspeli wrote:
class IWorkflowEvent(IObjectEvent):
    """A workflow related event

wf_name = TextLine(title=u"The name of the workflow this event is part of")

    transition = TextLine(title=u"The name of the transition taking place")

state_before = TextLine(title=u"The object's state before the transition")

state_after = TextLine(title=u"The object's state after the transition")

I know I'm very late on this (sorry for taking a christmas vacation ;-) but how would I go about subcribing to a particular transition of a particular workflow?

This feels like the most common case for me, but it would seem that if you want to do that with the current patch, you'd have to have a generic subscriber that then if/then/else'd its way to only doing the right thing for the right workflow and the right transition.

I thought avoiding that kind of if/then/else'ing was what event subscribers were all about.

Hopefully I'm just missing something, could someone enlighten me?
(and by enlighten, I don't mean anything involving automotive fuel and matches :-P)



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