Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Hanno Schlichting wrote:
>> PhiliKON some time ago suggested that Five should wrap the utilities
>> eventually but nobody followed up on that idea. 
> Philipp also has some ideas (not too far off completion, I believe) that
> may remove some of the acquisition intermingling. I'm not sure they'd
> apply here.

Yep, he worked on making the Zope 2 security policy aware of the
ILocation interface as an alternative to the Acquisition hierarchy IIRC.
This is targeted at Zope 2.11 though and last time I asked he still got
segfaults ;)

>> Ah yep, you are of course right. My main point was probably that it
>> shouldn't rely on the request (unless passed in explicitly as a method
>> argument).
> And sometimes we have methods that can legitimately take a 'context'
> parameter. Quite often, this is because we were really after a view,
> though. For example, most of is a hodge-podge of random
> things that were needed in page templates and Script (Python)'s but that
> people wanted in filesystem code.

That crap has to be refactored completely. The complete Plone tool has
to be ripped apart and turned into nice utilities and views...


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