Hanno Schlichting wrote:

The idea is to use a specialized persistent component registry, that
does the needed AQ-wrapping.

This will however only give us AQ-wrapped local utilities, whereas those
registered with the global component registry wouldn't be wrapped. I
think this might be an acceptable trade-off.

Are you sure? Does *every* local utility want an aq wrapper?

I'm not even sure if tools that are well-written (do not rely on acquiring things from 'self') need to do so except for security when called TTW, in which case getToolBy(Interface)Name will do the trick.

Bluntly adding acquisition like this seems like a step in the wrong direction, imho.

If we *know* that *every* local utility needs this, then it's a pretty elegant solution. I would like some assurances from Tres, Philipp or others for that, though.


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