Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
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On 6 Jan 2007, at 23:03, Martin Aspeli wrote:
In light of what we're seeing here, and because there is *so* much third party code using getToolByName(), perhaps a DeprecationWarning (and worse, speedy deprecation) is a bit premature? I don't think we can get rid of getToolByName() for a long time, practically, but new code should be encouraged from using the new utility based lookup.

I'm getting a bit annoyed that things already decided back in September are now being questioned. Please go back and read the thread "Tools as local utilities", which you started, coincidentally. I have spent days and days going down this route. This is a very large piece of work and I took it over voluntarily because everyone thought it was a good idea.

I'm sorry if I caused offense; I am very, very happy that you decided this was worth your time, and I think it will be a very important stepping stone in making CMF 2.1+ better and easier to integrate with.

I didn't realise we would fully deprecate getToolByName() quite yet, though. I must admit I haven't been following your checkins, for lack of time (and since you're surely more qualified than me in this work in any case).

However, surely, if we agree that it's premature to do so, commenting out the line that sends a DeprecationWarning won't be much of a change?


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