Philipp von Weitershausen wrote:
Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
CMF won't come eggified for this release, that work has stalled.

whit wrote:
plone's egg story looks non-existent until next release.

Right, I figued as much. Also, it's only for Zope 2.11 that we can actually tackle sensible egg support in the Zope 2 core, so that makes more sense anyway.

I see three options:

a) somehow bundle CMF 2.1 (and Plone 3) with a package called five.localsitemanager. Given that Plone 3 already has plone.* packages (and I assume they also want five.customerize), this might probably be less of an issue for Plone than for the CMF.

b) make Five 1.6 and have that include five.localsitemanager. I would *rather* not like to do that...

c) create Products.FiveLocalSiteManager, or perhaps Products.LocalSiteManager. Yet another product *sigh*. OTOH, that might not be such a problem since I envision products to become eggs in Zope 2.11...

Of course, whatever we decide to do, the result really should ship with Zope 2.11. It's already sort of a crime that we don't do this in Zope 2.10 yet. Even worse, Five itself is creating sites w/ PersistentComponents :(.

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