Martin Aspeli wrote:
Dieter Maurer wrote:
Martin Aspeli wrote at 2007-1-7 23:40 +0000:
Why not do it a more Zope3 ish way:

class ICMFTool(Interface):
   """Marker for any CMF tool"""

and then in the subclass of the local component registry:

local_utility = ....
if ICMFTool.providedBy(local_utility):
    local_utility = local_utility.__of__(context)

or so.

No need to invent a new marker interface for this.

  Objects ready to participate in context wrapping indicate this
  by the "__of__" method...

No, no need, but I'd argue good reasons.

 - It's an explicit declaration of support
 - It's a lot less magic
 - It's prettier than getattr/hasattr
- If something else has an __of__() for whatever reason, we don't catch it by accident.
 - It may not be desirable to wrap everything that *could* be wrapped.

Actually, I agree with Dieter here. If something has an __of__(), just wrap it. You can't possibly do anything wrong, actually, as it already happens and it provides the best backward compatibility with what we have right now.

Once we support __parent__ pointers, we can phase out the wrapping. We can do that by making less and less objects have those __of__() methods for example.

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