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Depends.  If your type has any other customizations (e.g., workflows,
caching policies, metadata constraints, etc.) then you need to tweak the
releavant tools, as well.

It is a fairly standard document. Essentially a News Item on steroids.

I would recommend doing this as follows:

  - Start from a "clean" site, created via "Configured CMF Site" (so
    that it uses the GenericSetup tool and the "baseline" profile).

I am doing just that.

  - Add your type information, skins, etc. and test.

I think this is the bit I'm fuzzy about. Is adding the type information simply a question of adding a type in portal-types? If so I'm doing something wrong because it my type is not appearing in the pull-down list.

  - Once everything works, visit the 'portal_setup' tool and create
    a new snapshot.

  - Compare that snapshot against the "initial_configuration" one,
    to review your changes.


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