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I think this is the bit I'm fuzzy about. Is adding the type
information simply a question of adding a type in portal-types? If so
I'm doing something wrong because it my type is not appearing in the
pull-down list.

You may need to check its "globally_addable" property (the type
object's) and verify that the container into which you would like to add an instance does not have a type-based restriction on adding (e.g., the
'filter_contents' and 'allowed_types' settings on the container's type
informatino object).

I realise I'm being somewhat obtuse about this but where do I set the globally_addable property? I've been basing my stuff on the example in the Plone book but also on CMFCalendar. My Zope Product gets installed with no errors. This is my factory_type_information

factory_type_information = {
    'id': product_id,
    'meta_type': product_name,
    'description': ('Extremely flexible type of article.'),
    'product': product_name,
    'content_icon': 'newsitem.gif',
    'immediate_view': 'view',
    'actions': (
        {'id': 'view',
        'permissions': (view_permission,)},
        {'id': 'edit',
        'permissions': (edit_permission,)},

Does the need extending?


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