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Charlie Clark wrote:
For the necessary forms, at least based on the CMF Event code, it seems to me that code like

options['title'] = form.get('title', context.Title())
options['text'] = form.get('text', context.text)
options['text_format'] = form.get('text_format', context.text_format)
options['headline'] = form.get('headline', context.headline)
options['teaser'] = form.get('teaser', context.teaser)
options['category'] = form.get('category', context.category)
options['keywords'] = form.get('keywords', context.keywords)
options['resources'] = form.get('resources', context.resources)

could be optimised in the context could be treated as a dictionary object, ie. supported get.

Please note that this code is no longer actively maintained. The forms currently implemented as skin methods will be replaced by generated views using formlib.

Here is the new implementation for event_edit_form and event_view:



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