yuppie wrote at 2007-1-23 18:55 +0100:
> ...
>Yes, I object. This is a hack that resolves the issue just for some 
>special use cases. We need a solution that works with python packages 
>anywhere in the python path.

And "packageresources"
can show a way to do it. An alternative could be the upcoming egg's
support for egg local resources.

With "packageresources" a python package/module is identified by
an url of the form "pypackage:<module_path>", e.g.
"pypackage:Products.CMFCore" or "pypackage:Shared.DC.ZRDB.DA".
A resource (e.g. a file or directory) local to a package
is identified by an url


e.g. "pypackage:Products.CMFCore/skins"

As you can see: this allows to specifiy location independent
skin directories.

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