Hi Jens!

Jens Vagelpohl wrote:

On 2 Feb 2007, at 20:32, yuppie wrote:
I'm going to spend some time this weekend adding unregisterUtility where needed. Thanks for your help!

That's no longer necessary. I changed the set up / tear down for non-functional layers. The layers now call cleanUp() after each test.

Maybe there are still some non-layer tests that should have a cleanUp(), but at least with the order tests are run in my sandbox all cleanup issues are resolved.

OK, sounds good, I misunderstood your email.

No. You understood my email correctly, but it is out-dated. I made some more changes after writing it.

I suppose the last bit left to do now is the custom site manager. Rocky? :)

The site manager is the most important part. Two other issues come to my mind:

- Does migration of existing sites already work?

- At least in theory SkinnableObjectManager and SkinsContainer were generic base classes that could be used for other purposes as well. Now they are tied to the site object and the skins tool. Don't know if anybody used them for something else and needs BBB code.



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