On Feb 6, 5:45 pm, Jens Vagelpohl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Right now all you need to do to install CMF is to link all the
> contained folders into the instance Products folder. I'm somewhat
> averse to complicate that process.

I understand the sentiment and we dealt with the same thing for
Plone.  I know at one point someone (I think Philipp) suggested that
we could actually place the products we have into lib/python/ instead
of the Products/ directory for Plone by using an empty namespace
package for Products (so CMFCore would become lib/python/Products/
CMFCore).  I haven't tested this myself but if it's ease of deployment
you're looking for, perhaps extracting everything there would do the

Ultimately the closer we get to structuring our code deployment like
regular python code the easier it will be to take advantage of things
like distutils, eggs, the cheeseshop, etc.  I look forward to doing:
  easy_install ZopeCMF

- Rocky

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