Martin Aspeli wrote:
I don't think eggs/setuptools are perfect. But I don't think they're useless either, and on the whole, so far, they've brought more benefits than problems. By playing with eggs, we're playing better with the rest of the Python community (and things like entry points are very cool). We start being able to re-use some of their tools (workingenv, buildout, paster) and participate more meaningfully by sharing code.

In any case, I don't mean this to be acrimonious in any way. I'm justing saying that depending on a non-Products package (be it egg-distributed or not) shouldn't be a problem (because there will only be more and more of these).

Good points. To summarize:

* eggs aren't the holy grail, but they bring many benefits.

* at this point, we shouldn't create artificials hurdles that prevent us from putting new things into packages and hence taking advantages of eggs.

Nobody's tearing down old walls, but at least let's not stop building new ones. That's all I can and will say in this matter.

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