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Wichert wants a Plone 3 beta very very soon, there is no time to switch the CMF to any other packaging/buildout mechanism before that. What happens on the trunk after the 2.1 branch is cut, I don't care. I do care about getting the 2.1 beta out quickly. All that's missing is merging the tool/utility stuff, which depends on having this new component registry. Taking this into account, how should the five.localsitemanager thing be packaged?

My preference would be to ship CMF 2.1 as two tarballs - one for lib/python and one for Products, or one tarball containing Products/ * and lib/python/* (i.e. to be extracted into the Zope instance root).

If that's unacceptable, Rocky can make localsitemanager use only relative imports and thus function as both a product and a package, though I don't know if anything needs to refer to Products.localsitemanager, which in turn makes it painful to use it as a regular python package.

Two tarballs? Yikes no. I'd prefer something simple that would allow stitching it in as a svn:external and then you can copy it into the Products directory like everything else.

All those who think this is somehow impure and dirty, keep in mind that this arrangement won't be forever, only for the 2.1 branch. Afterwards there's more time to plan on packaging things differently.


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