Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
I'm working on the second step, trying to effect the component registration, and keep running into a strange problem. Using the ZMI, I can get a CMF site created in CMF 1.6 to a functioning state using the setup tool and executing the following steps + dependencies:

- - CMFDefault:default "actions" and "componentregistry"

- - CMFCalendar/CMFUid/CMFActionIcons "componentregistry"

I can't seem to replicate this in a script. Changing the import context to "CMFDefault:default" does not seem to update the available import steps - however, using the ZMI and the "Properties" tab on the setup tool does. Both ways call the very same code (setImportContext) under the hood. Would anyone know why this does update the available steps from the ZMI, but not in the script? I've already tried a few things, like committing a transaction or calling _updateImportStepsRegistry manually, it just doesn't do anything...

Just a wild guess:

Does this now depend on looking up local utilities? Maybe you have to use setSite() explicitly?

HTH, Yuppie

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