Maurits van Rees wrote:
yuppie, on 2007-03-02:
Maurits van Rees wrote:
So here are some points, with suggested changes to the _initIndexes
function in exportimport.py.  The tests even run after this, so it
seems these changes do not break anything.  But I have not *added*
tests for this.
To get your patches accepted it would be useful to have new tests that
fail without the patches.

Okay, I have a patch with such a test for the first point that I
raised: removing an index in an extension profile and then making sure
that reapplying that profile does not throw an error.


Can this go in?  I have no commit rights, so someone else would have
to do that.

Looks fine, I checked it in:

BTW, I am slightly freaked out by the following.  In that test file
there is this test:

        self.assertEqual(adapted.body, _CATALOG_BODY % ('', _ZCTEXT_XML))

The test passes of course.  But when I copy that line so the test is
run twice, like this:

        self.assertEqual(adapted.body, _CATALOG_BODY % ('', _ZCTEXT_XML))
        self.assertEqual(adapted.body, _CATALOG_BODY % ('', _ZCTEXT_XML))

then the second test throws an error!


Going in with the pdb also throws that error when you try to print
adapted.body twice.

I will loan you my "Here be dragons" sign. ;-)

Fixed as well.



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