Martin Aspeli wrote at 2007-4-15 16:45 +0100:
> ...
>Aesthetics were not the original reason for moving down this route, so 
>it's a little unfair to cast it in that light. The main drivers, as I 
>recall, were to encourage API usage that would allow us to move tools 
>out of content space eventually

Probably, I do not understand "content space". At least, I do not
understand why you want to get tools out of it.

Most CMF tools are location specific configurations (catalog, skins,
actions, types, ...) with a bit of functionality.
I do not see a big gain in implementing
them as local utilities rather than their current implementation.

> and to make code depending on CMF tools 
>more consistent with "newer" code which may depend on new utilities (at 
>least in the Plone world, there is a general consensus that we'd rather 
>not have any more content-space tools from now on).

Hm: is their really that big a difference to call "getToolByName"
or "getUtility"?

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