I need to integrate a zope instance with memberdata that is stored in mysql (generated by a pre-existing discuss forum). Users need to be authenticated by mysql, and the memberdata tool should be able to get and set their properties, as well as adding new users etc.

What is currently considered the best practice way of achieving this sort of integration? I have looked briefly at:

- PAS: looks the most pluggable but doesn't seem to have a MySQL plugin and is quite complicated at first glance.

- MySQLUserFolder: appears to fit the bill for authentication but no changes since late 2005.

- ExUserFolder: also looks like it will deal with authentication but no changes since early 2005.

In particular, none seem to deal with the memberdata properties that should be assigned to a user, though I may not be looking hard enough.

How far will I get with existing products, and how much code (aside from entering column and table names etc) will I need to write?

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