Martin Aspeli wrote at 2007-4-25 19:58 +0100:
> ...
>If the root of your CMF/Plone site contains content items, they need to 
>avoid collision with magical objects that are there primarily to make 
>our lives easier as programmers (since you can acquire them, and they 
>interact with Zope security easily, and they give a somewhat simple 
>place to hook configuration UI into, and they give a somewhat simple 
>place to stick configuration data).
>> Most CMF tools are location specific configurations (catalog, skins,
>> actions, types, ...) with a bit of functionality.
>> I do not see a big gain in implementing
>> them as local utilities rather than their current implementation.
>I'd like them not to be there as attributes/keys/ids of the portal. In 
>Zope 3, this is solved by using namespace traversal adapters giving 
>access to persistent components only under a special namespace 

That looks like a trivial naming convention you could use in Zope 2, too:

  Forbid ids with a special naming pattern for the ids of your content
  objects and use this naming pattern for your "magic object"s.

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