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+1, but I don't think the two need to be mutually exclusive.


At present, Archetypes-based content types cannot be used with a factory (I tried hard, but there are some acquisition-related/factory related reasons);
I'd like to refactor this, but we can't for Plone 3.0 at least.

Right. Obviously, we'd like to do this "the proper way", but we can't do that for a while yet.

Given that Alec & co essentially had a patch which worked, I suggest that we
have a look at it, and include it if possible, and then encourage the use
factories in general. I'd hope we could avoid deprecating it outright until
we can fix up AT to use them, though.

Also note that according to Alec, it would work better as a instance-level thing than a thread-level one.

Isn't this something like 2 lines of code in TypesTool? :)

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