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Anyway before I submit a follow-up to the bug is there any CMF setting I can use to avoid this problem?

It's a known issue with STX.

Thanks, does that mean anything's being done about it? I would have thought Plone users would be suffering the most with it.

I spent some time looking at the underlying code yesterday and can see what's causing the problem. If I take my own medicine the STX code should be fixed.

STLetters simply makes use of string.letters and string.digits which are then thrown into various re's

expr = re.compile(r'\*\*([%s%s%s\s]+?)\*\*' % (letters, digits, strongem_punc))

This will work with non-ascii only if the encoding for string.letters and the text to be compared is the same which, certainly on my machine is not the case, but can be easily fixed.

letters = string.letters.decode(locale.getlocale()[1].encode (WHATEVERCMFISPUSHING)

I thought that the default_zpublisher_encoding would do but that's wrong. Assuming it's possible to get the value from Zope surely this would be a relatively painless fix?

It might be an idea would be to hook into the ReST encoding directives that are mysteriously included in /etc/zope.conf

An alternative would be to coerce the use of unicode and simply compare against that: re.compile(r'\*\*([\s\w]+?)\*\*', re.U) #extended as necessary for punctuation

The advantage of this is that it would be entirely independent of locale but this would take more work on STX which seems to choke if fed unicode.

Going back briefly to ReST: if Zope seems ready to support this out of the box, wouldn't it useful to support ReST in CMFDefault.Document? Or is the dependency on docutils too precarious? It could be added gracefully to the edit form if import reStructuredText succeeded. Or is this yet another case of me being behind the loop again?

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