Am 11.06.2007 um 17:46 schrieb Charlie Clark:

Am 11.06.2007 um 17:37 schrieb Charlie Clark:

File "/Users/charlieclark/Sites/cmf/Products/CMFCore/", line 39, in ? from Products.PageTemplates.utils import encodingFromXMLPreamble, charsetFromMetaEquiv
ImportError: No module named utils

Okay, mea culpa - my version of Zope 2.10 was defect.

Back to my original problem: it's easy enough to edit and document_edit_template. However, I note that the browser/ does some kind of lookup for supported text formats. Is this what Tres was referring to? How do I register restructured for use for anything using formlib?

BTW - should we keep NewsItem as a separate Python module? The difference between a NewsItem and a Document is minimal and essentially one of presentation and this should surely be handled by the registration.

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