Dieter Maurer wrote:
yuppie wrote at 2007-6-18 11:29 +0200:
Please let me know if you think this checkin causes too much trouble and should be reverted.

We are using portals and their skins widely in scripts executed
outside of Zope. Especially, they do not use the ZPublisher
to traverse to the objects but use more direct methods (which
do not look for "__before_publishing_traverse__").

Your change will break all these scripts....

I guess they will anyway need a new setSite() call to work correctly in CMF 2.1. Setting up the skin explicitly is just one extra line of code.

I'm in the process of reverting the tools-as-utilities changes for the skins tool because it is not ready for that change. That means the old code would still work in CMF 2.1. But I prefer the explicit way and as soon as the skins tool becomes an utility the implicit setup in the __of__ method no longer works. So better now than changing your scripts again for CMF 2.2.

Cheers, Yuppie

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