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> Hi!
> Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> >I spoke briefly with Balasz today and he mentioned that using
> >five.localsistemanager may not be a solution to our problem. If I
> >understand everything correctly the way KSS is setup is that it has its
> >own site manager on the view which is being called. That means that the
> >context for the site manager is the view instead of the 'normal'
> >context. So if they use five.lsm the tools will be wrapped in the view
> >instead of the correct context.
> >
> >Does anyone see a way to fix that? 
> Is this the "Acquisition Context with Nested Sites" problem tested here?

No, it is slightly different. That test uses nested views. What KSS
does is set a site manager on a view. Something like:

class SiteViewComponents(BaseGlobalComponents):
    """Slightly different BaseGlobalComponents class"""

class SiteView(BrowserView):
    next = component.getSiteManager()
    self._sitemanager = SiteViewComponents('siteview')
    self._sitemanager.__bases__ = (next, )
    wrapped_view = self.__of__(self.context

    def getSiteManager(self):
        return self._sitemanager

        def _eventRedispatcher(self, event):
        adapters = component.subscribers((event.object, self, event), None)
        for adapter in adapters:
            pass # getting them does the work

Interesting things happen with getUtility calls and aq wrapping in that


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