Charlie Clark wrote:
it is not possible to do anything with a local_pt in the ZMI if any of the Portal properties are non-ascii.

I have a site called "Düsseldorf" with a local_pt containing some customisations for the homepage. With CMF 2.0 and Zope 2.9 this is not a problem but CMF 2.1 and Zope 2.10 will cause an error presumably due to the switch to Zope 3 PageTemplates. The tracaback is below.

The first question is: am I doing something wrong using local_pt like this? If not the second question is: what's the best way around this?

Please try to use a script and Products.CMFDefault.utils.decode. In CMF 2.1 *all* strings passed to a template have to be unicode. Maybe 'portal_title' defined in getMainGlobals works for you, at least it shows how to use 'decode'.

HTH, Yuppie

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