Charlie Clark wrote:
Just udated to trunk and am now getting errors,

You have been warned:

every time utils.decode() is called:

Module Products.CMFDefault.utils, line 463, in decode
AttributeError: getProperty

def decode(value, context):
    """ Decode value using default_charset.
    ptool = getUtility(IPropertiesTool)
    default_charset = ptool.getProperty('default_charset', None)
    return toUnicode(value, default_charset)

I can't see getProperty defined anywhere. No tests are failing.

Looks like your utility isn't acquisition wrapped - getProperty is usually acquired from the site root.

1.) Your site seems to broken, there is currently no migration code that updates the lookup class if you have an old site manager instance.

2.) getProperty should become part of the IPropertiesTool interface and implementation. It should not rely on acquisition.



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