Wichert Akkerman wrote:
Now that the utility vs tool work seems to be settling down and we are
running Plone without any monkeypatches I want to get Plone 3.0-rc1
out the door start of next week. For that to happen I am going to need
a new CMF release as well. Are there any showstoppers to prevent that
from happening? If not, Jens, are you able to cut a release this weekend?

AFAICS we are close to a new beta, but not close enough to get all things done this week:

1.) there are some showstoppers in GenericSetup:

-> see the separate replies

2.) the migration code for CMFDefault sites is insufficient:

Upgrading from CMF 2.0 should work fine, but the migration code for CMF 2.1 beta sites is incomplete: There is a hack in PortalObjectBase.getSiteManager that fixes old site manager instances on the fly, but I don't want to have that code in the final CMF 2.1 release. There is also no code for unregistering the tools that are no longer utilities. No volunteers so far.

3.) we have no roadmap for getting rid of non-utility tools:

Today I want to re-register portal_discussions - with a small modification it should work as utility. After that I'll forward port the latest changes to CMF trunk.

I have some ideas for a roadmap, but that'll be the subject of different mail within the next days. That roadmap could include some changes (like renamings, deprecation warnings) for CMF 2.1.



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