Previously yuppie wrote:
> Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> >Previously yuppie wrote:
> >>2.) The ability to create valid snapshots is a very basic GS feature. 
> >>I'd like to see resolved *before* 
> >>the next beta release.
> >
> >I fixed a couple of GenericSetup bugs recently which may have fixed this
> >one as well. I'll try the specific issue which Andreas reported tonight
> >or tomorrow.
> Just wanted to try this myself, but it looks like importing snapshots is 
> no longer possible. Guess snapshots should be added to the list of 
> available baseline profiles on the 'profiles' tab.

I think I fixed that. The problem was that the bbb methods used by the
manage_* methods were using self._import_context_id, but that is never
set anymore. I updated the manage_* methods to use the new API and
imports are working for me now.


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