Previously yuppie wrote:
> AFAICS we are close to a new beta, but not close enough to get all 
> things done this week:
> 1.) there are some showstoppers in GenericSetup:
> -> see the separate replies

I believe I fixed those.

> 2.) the migration code for CMFDefault sites is insufficient:
> Upgrading from CMF 2.0 should work fine, but the migration code for CMF 
> 2.1 beta sites is incomplete: There is a hack in 
> PortalObjectBase.getSiteManager that fixes old site manager instances on 
> the fly, but I don't want to have that code in the final CMF 2.1 
> release. There is also no code for unregistering the tools that are no 
> longer utilities. No volunteers so far.

This can possibly be taken from the CMFPlone migration code which does
that. See the registerToolsAsUtilities method in
I have never used a non-Plone CMF site so I'm probably not the best
person to write migration code for CMF. I do need to get Plone 3.0-rc1
out Real Soon (as in yesterday, but this week at the very latest) so I
can look into this if that will make sure a CMF 2.1 release will happen.

> 3.) we have no roadmap for getting rid of non-utility tools:

That's the seperate thread :)


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