Andreas Jung, on 2007-07-18:
> I have an extension  profile that works with Plone 3.0 (basically modifying =
> portal_skins and portal_actions). For Plone 2.5 compatibility my=20
> actions.xml and skins.xml need to be different because the XML structure is =
> different between. What is the best approach for maintaining XML files for=20
> both Plone 2.5 and Plone 3.0 in one profile (at least within the same
> source tree)?

There might be some support for conditions in some of the xml files,
but I am not aware of any.

Other than that, I would say you need more than one profile.
profiles/25 and profiles/30 could be copies of each other, except for
the minor differences.  Any changes to one profile would have to be
kept in synch with the other profile, which is not terribly nice, but
can be done.

Or profiles/default could have all the configuration that is valid for
both Plones and the 25 and 30 profiles could have only actions.xml and
skins.xml or maybe only the relevant parts of those files.

It would then be up to the user to pick the right profile in
portal_setup.  Or you could manage it for them in an

I need something like that for the eXtremeManagement product too I
think.  I have a few settings in the various types definitions that
lead to multiple sharing tabs and a superfluous metadata tab on Plone
3.0.  No big deals, but not very nice either.  I thought about making
a subversion branch once Plone 3 is out, but two profiles might do the
trick too.  Thanks for the tip.

Other ideas anyone?

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